Kombucha Mothers Wiped Out By the Flood

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I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  While I faced the horrors of death and destruction rained down on strangers, I thought too about my mother's Aunt Sarah who lived in a New Orleans district called Metarie.  Unfortunately, she lost her home and will not been able to return.

Then Hurricane Rita came in its wake and devastated my mom's home town of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  My mom evacuated and returned a week later to her condo, which was a big mess.

And now, its our turn.  Hurricane Irene and the flood waters she brought have created monumental damage in Vermont.  Our little town, Moretown, had high losses.  Our home was very severely damaged.

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What to Expect When I'm Reflecting

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In this tab, I'll include some wisdom that I've garnered from my fermentation adventures and from other areas of life.  I hope it might offer the reader some comfort and perspective and look forward to your experience of my reflections.


The passing of a great one: Doris Haddock dies at age 100

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Doris Haddock died on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at her home in Dublin, New Hampshire.  She was 100 years old.

Besides the extra-ordinary accomplishment of living to age 100, Doris contributed immensely to her family, community, state, country and world.  She was a devoted wife and mother, loving and caring for her husband Jim during their 60+ years of marriage.  They were great adventurers until Jim's struggle with Alzheimer's Disease compelled them to slow down and stay closer to home.  Doris loved and cared for Jim until his death in the early '90s.

She raised two responsible adults in her children Jim and Elizabeth.  Her son Jim was a champion of many of her efforts, traveling back and forth across the country with her and working tirelessly on her Senate campaign.  He added his devotion to his mother and passionate intelligence to much of her life's work.  Sadly, her daughter Elizabeth also died from Alzheimer's Disease in 2005.

Anyone can search on Google and find scads of information about Doris Haddock, and I don't need to repeat any of that here.  I wanted to share some of what I knew of her and the ways in which she touched my life.

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