What is Brewing in Beverages?

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At home right now we have a few beverage ferments that I hope to write about soon.

I have my first batch of Tej, or Ethiopian honey wine, fermenting.  It has been going now for almost three months, and I am guessing that I will continue to ferment it for at least another six.

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Step-by-Step Recipe for Kombucha

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kombucha  stagesIngredients for one gallon of kombucha:

  • One gallon non-chlorinated water
  • One cup sugar
  • One-half cup plain, raw kombucha
  • Four tablespoons black tea leaves or four black tea bags
  • One kombucha mother

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Kombucha Bottling

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Different kinds of kombucha bottles and flavoring agentsDrinking kombucha, I feel every cell in my body celebrating the nutrients and microbes it contains.  As much as I enjoy it, I struggled to transform my home brewed kombucha from "drinkable" to delicious.  The first stage of kombucha making is relatively simple, but flavoring and bottling the brew is a bit more complicated. It can be a messy and frustrating process, yet I feel the results of skillfully bottled kombucha are wonderful and make the effort worthwhile.  Once you have some bottles, a tasty batch of kombucha in a crock and some flavoring ingredients, dive into this article and learn a little about bottling and secondary fermentation for home brewed kombucha.  I hope it will help you to develop your own techniques and delicious recipes.

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Mint Kombucha

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Fresh mint leavesRecently, I went to this yummy restaurant in Montpelier called Samosaman. They sold kombucha that was made by a local person in small batches.  I was intrigued.  In addition to the ubiquitous ginger flavor, this kombucha brew-master also offered cardamom-something-or-other and mint.  After a little sample, I bought a cup of the mint.  It was unusual and refreshing.  It had the typical kombucha tartness with a cooling breeze of mint.  Clearly, my next fermentation adventure was in front of me.

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